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Busy season!

I´m looking forward to the next few months! We have some new clients and some who I´ve been working with for almost a year now, can´t wait to see these plans come to fruition.
I decided to scout out some new places to hold weddings. Lots of people are looking to have a smaller wedding, with 10 to 30 guests, with a party, which is tough to do at Playa Azul – especially now that the hotel is expanding and adding 5 new rooms! Here´s a small-world story: A couple came into Ginger, our restaurant in Tulum town. While chatting with them, they mentioned that they have a house at Tankah Bay that would be great for weddings. (More small world – the wife is the sister of the boss of a friend of mine!!) I went out to see the house, and it really is beautiful, a terrific spot for a beautiful intimate wedding – and party. I met with their property managers, who are really nice, and they ended up recommending me to a couple getting married there in November! Tulum is truly insular – in a good way. Anyway, it will be a terrific party, with the Bohemios playing salsa, a well-stocked bar, and a seafood grill.
Brian and Andrea´s wedding was last week, and it was simple but beautiful. Hernan had them out there for hours taking pictures, and I´ve seen some previews – they´re gorgeous! It was a civil ceremony, and the Ocampo letter that they read is really beautiful – I´ll post is here soon.
And Maggie and Ben are coming up soon! Everything is all coming together and they´ll be the first to try out the new terrace addition to the first floor of the restaurant at Playa Azul. Looking forward to this one as well.
I´m still booking weddings for April and May, although I´ll have to hire someone to assist me, since little Baby Ornelas Levi will be arriving at the end of April! :)